One stop Solution for Premature Ejaculation Erectile Dysfunction Mastrubation Urge


Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Mastrubation urge : 

One-stop Solution for all reproductive system problems. The solution, which is therapy, results in strengthing, building up cells of the various internal, external parts of the Reproductive System.

Not only the above-mentioned problems,  other Reproductive health problems like 

  • Urinary Incontinence 
  • Prostate
  • NIghtfall problem
  • Difficulty Urinating
  • Penis Enlargement
  • Itching in testes and penis due to diabetics

Before getting down to the business of understanding the simple therapy exercise which addresses all the above-mentioned health problems, let us get a low down on each of these health problems mentioned above,

urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine. it means a person urinates when they do not want to. Control over the urinary sphincter is either lost or weakened.

The prostate is a gland that is the part of the male reproductive system that wraps around the male urethra near the bladder.

The gland is about the size of a walnut and grows larger as you age.

Enlargement of the prostate gland can cause the following problem.

  •  Dribbling urine 
  • Pain or burning sensation during urination.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Blood in the semen or urine
  • Frequent pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips, pelvic, or rectal area or the upper thighs.
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Painful ejaculation.

Nightfall is a condition where males ejaculate in their sleep, normally at night or during the early hours of the morning. The problem exacerbated by the weakness of the penile nerve, and muscles owing to excessive masturbation. 

The weakened reproductive system scrotum becomes active during the night sends signals to the brain. The brain creates an illusion of sexual pleasure and stimulates the penis in ejaculation disturbing the sleep of the person.

Penis Enlargement is about increasing the size and girth of your penis. Several stretching and enhancement techniques used like jelking, Vaccum pump is used. Pills, lotion, medicine are also used.

A premature ejaculation is a form of sexual dysfunction that can adversely affect the quality of a man's sex life. It is when an orgasm or climax occurs sooner than wanted. 

There are three reasons for premature ejaculation 

1. sensitivity

2. Brain control

3. Loss of control over the scrotum

1. If the glans (head) of the penis becomes so sensitive that it sends stimulating signals to the brain within one minute of intercourse or starting masturbation and in response brain sends discharge signals, and discharge happens. 

The glans (head) of the penis becomes sensitive or soft as during masturbation only a hand is used to rub the glans only but other parts of the penis like shaft or base are not at all worked on. 

2. In the second case brain is conformed to the rule to send a discharge signal within one minute of intercourse or starting masturbation. This situation results from the fact that the person masturbating wants to complete the process in a hurry. 

If this act of trying to complete masturbation process within a minute of starting it for some reason or compulsions, if continued for 2 or 3 times, then this get recorded in the brain that it needs to send discharge signal in a minute of starting intercourse or masturbation.

3. In the third case if the discharge mechanism of the reproductive system scrotum is not tight or strong enough to hold semen during masturbation or intercourse then it automatically gets discharged within one minute of starting intercourse or masturbation. This could also be an inherited problem of the reproductive system.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse, It's sometimes referred to as impotence, although this term is now used less often. Actually, this is the byproduct of masturbation. 

Masturbation works only on the glans (head) of the penis but leaving other parts of the penis like the shaft and base untouched. The body parts waist and hip which actually hold the reproductive system do not actually participate in this activity of masturbation and continue to remain immovable and do not move the penis as a whole in the masturbation process.

This results in weakening, softening of the reproductive system including the penis leading to Erectile dysfunction.

If a healthy person with no premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction problems wanting to have intercourse with his girlfriend or wife for the first time reaches orgasm after foreplay and gets a complete erection strong enough to penetrate the vagina. 

He guides his penis into the vagina uses his waist to push the penis into the vagina and forces for complete insertion. Using his waist and hips he pushes and pulls his penis into the vagina, giving strokes at times thus making the penis glans, shaft, base of the penis including pelvis muscles, waist, buttocks, and other parts of the body to participate in the action of intercourse. 

This exercises all these parts and in that course, it strengths these parts. In this normal intercourse, it takes 15 to 20 minutes for discharge to occur. Both the partners enjoy sexual pleasure and get sexually satisfied. 

If the person regularly involves in intercourse, then all these organs get exercised, and strengthens these organs help in keeping them healthy.

On the other hand, adolescents following peer pressure and curiosity decide to try masturbation. Thoughts of discussion on intercourse and having seen video clips of sexual intercourse arouses him sexually with penis erection. 

Without proper knowledge about the pros and cons of masturbation and its negative effects if not done in a proper way involving the entire penis he tries just rubbing the glans ( head) of the penis and manages to discharge very fast. 

He never understands the negative impact of this wrong way of masturbation and fast discharging. Participating in this act of masturbation for few more times, he literally becomes a victim of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

 This makes him experience a lot of personal distress because of this condition. This can adversely affect the quality of this young man's sex life.

Masturbation Addiction:  How to weed out stubborn Mastrubation problem. To stimulate the genital organs (oneself) to achieve sexual pleasure. Masturbation is a relief from the sexual urge and becomes habitual to relieve oneself of sexual urge. 

Masturbation involves the use of a hand to stroke or rubs penis glans to get sexual pleasure. The penis does not actually involve in any kind of activity during masturbation results in the weakening of penis muscles.  

Remember masturbation is harmful to your body. Masturbation is one of the unhealthiest activities men do. It disturbs the function of the blood, it negatively affects hormones. 

it weakens sex organs and pelvic muscles. Masturbation leads to energy loss, increases mental stress, induces premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction.

By properly practicing the simple therapy, the Shaking of Reproductive system these problems can be overcome over a period of time.

The effect of this procedure may take months or years to become apparent but for the first time of practicing this shaking process, the progress one makes in improving in managing to control the urge to masturbate, managing to control the thoughts of sex, managing to control urge for sex, managing to control Urinary Incontinence, managing to control NIghtfall problem, managing to control Difficulty Urinating, managing to control Prostate, managing to control  Itching in testes and penis due to diabetics, and also gets positive vibes to able to get bigger than normal penis size.

This therapy relaxes the mind ensures one to go about one's day-to-day activities, like workouts, education, job, etc. It is an excellent way of controlling your mindset thereby controlling the brain and overall health of sex life. 

It is a way of straining the testes and penis thereby making them stronger, building their muscles, and reconstructing damaged parts of the reproductive system. This also strains the brain in the process and makes it stronger in controlling ejaculation and the urge for undue sex.

Even at the instance of getting a feeling of it going ejaculate if continued further, then stop shaking the testes and penis right away and relax for a while and not to do it for the rest of the day. The idea is here to exercise reproductive system testes and penis but not to stimulate ejaculation

Only one simple exercise work wonders in addressing and resolving all problems. This one simple exercise works as a panacea. It helps in overcoming one's urge to masturbate. This exercise actually replaces(substitutes) masturbation. Masturbation becomes a thing of the past and does not interest at all.

 It helps in building penis muscle. Strengthing the penis, and delaying the ejaculation period, thereby problems of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction can be resolved to a great extent.  

Body workout builds muscles of your body, this workout of a penis builds the muscles of the penis. Body workout takes years to build so does this process takes time to build penis muscle.  

But its effectiveness becomes apparent from day one by the progress one makes in controlling urgency to masturbate. It gives sexual pleasure, sexual satisfaction without ejaculation or discharge of sperm. It gives mental relief unlike masturbation which makes one tiring following losing energy, and also mental stress.

Another exercise for penis enlargement exercises like jequling, which involves stretching the penis is tiring and tedious so it can't be done in more than 2 to 3 minutes. so does other exercises vacuum pump, penis ring. Hanging of weight to the penis to increase its size may damage penis muscles. Actually, they are tiring and tedious. 

Penis length is the length of the penis in the erection state but not when in the flaccid state. This exercise which strengthens and builds the muscles of the penis and testes makes it expand more than it could before practicing this exercise in length also the girth of the penis.

Over 45% of men all over the world are suffering from Premature ejaculation and Erectile dysfunction. These two problems can adversely affect the quality of a man's sex life. Premature ejaculation may occur before or after beginning foreplay or intercourse condition.

This exercise overcomes these problems by strengthing and building tissues of the penis thereby inducing control over ejaculation and so delayed discharge time and also penis muscle build-up ensures stronger erection thereby manages erectile dysfunction.

Young men having completed their education and having found a job and have become eligible to get married experiences a lot of personal distress because of these problems. 

There is such a dilemma that they cannot express their concern to their parents or not able to get a solution through medical treatment. Without overcoming this sexual problem if they get married, then not only they ruin their life but also the life of girl get spoiled. 

Imagine the event on the first night of one's married life if one gets ejaculated during foreplay or even before intercourse, then how embracing moment that one is faced with. 

If the girl reciprocates with a calm and cool way of discussing the problem with the boy. Consulting doctors or taking medicines available online to find the solution. 

If on the other hand girl is bold enough to blame the boy for not informing before marriage and even gets into an altercation. And she may even apply for divorce and sue the boy.

Imagine another event wherein on the first night of one's married life, and the boy with normal health and control over sex gets into foreplay with a married girl. gets naked without shying away performs intercourse.

It ensures to manage one's control over urges for masturbation and ensures to manage delay in ejaculation during intercourse.

what's the male reproductive system

There are two uses of the penis:

1. It is responsible for removing waste from your body through Urine.

2. It is responsible for reproduction.

 The male reproductive system consists of external organs and internal organs.

The external organs include the penis, scrotum, and testicles.

Whereas the internal organs consist of Epididymis, Vas deferens, Ejaculatory ducts, Urethra, Seminal vesicles, Prostate gland, Bulbourethral glands.

The purpose of the organs of the reproductive system is to perform the following:

To produce, maintain, and transport sperm.

To discharge sperm within the female reproductive tract during sex.

To produce and secrete male sex hormones.

Penis enlargement exercises like jelqing, enlargement pump. vacuum pumps, penis rings may give some results but they tedious, boring, and tiring. But these simple exercises are really simple, monitoring, giving sexual pleasure, and sexual satisfaction without ejaculation. More ever this simple exercise is rejuvenating. 

Rather it replaces Mastrubation urge. It weeds out Mastrubation urge. Shows result from day 1 by giving mental satisfaction. All the above-mentioned problems associated with the penis, like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, prostate are sure to get cured over a period of time and even diabetes can be maintained. And also helps in penis enlargement for sure. These simple exercises are: 

Reproductive System Shaking Therapy.  (Penis and testes shaking therapy). This shaking therapy requires you to remove your briefs.

1)This can be done sleeping on the bed in a 140 to 145 degree in an inclined sleeping position or sitting on a chair (or stool)  in an inclined position convenient to hold your testes and penis with your palms.

Refer to the following picture to attained an inclined sleeping position on the bed.

Hold penis and testes using palm, with all four fingers under the testes ( both testis) and Thumb finger on top of the penis, start gently shaking your hand in upward and downward direction slowly so that testes and penis move along with fingers holding it. 

Shaking with gentle strokes in the beginning and speed of shaking can be increased but not vigorously to avoid causing damage to delicate parts of the reproductive system. The idea is to exercise the penis and testes to strengthen and build muscles of this reproductive system. 

This shaking of testes and penis together for about 5 minutes, in the beginning, morning and evening two times in a day, for about a weak and increase the timing to about 10 to 15 minutes after 7 days. 

Stop shaking testes and penis right away when there is an instance of the feeling of going to ejaculate if continued further. Also do not try it for the rest of day. Avoid holding testes and penis too firmly and shaking vigorously in order not to hurt them. 

Doing regularly and steadily is important rather than overdoing and doing vigorously. Slow and Steady always wins the race

 This exercise can be done even when the penis in a flaccid state or erection state with sleeping on the bed or sitting slantly on the stool or in a standing position.  Ensure when sleeping on hip at 140 degrees to bed. A little slant posture of sitting on hips is also advisable if comfortable. If the penis in erection mode before starting to shake or if it gets erection mode while the shaking process in progress does not matter. 

It is a normal phenomenon for the penis to get in and off erection mode during this process. Stop moving hand-shaking penis and testes right away if it gets a feeling of going to ejaculate if it continued further. Don't do this for the rest of the day. Start afresh from the next day.

Though it is required to stop moving your hand holding penis and testes if there is a slight feeling where it is going get ejaculated if continued even for few seconds. But in actuality, such feeling never going to happen as this sitting posture holds the reproductive system in such a way the urge for ejaculation doesn't arise.

But sometimes it becomes impossible to hold on to your urge to ejaculate. Then there is no problem with ejaculating. By practicing this shaking therapy for over a period of time you can control the ejaculation process.

Let us understand how this mechanism works:

1. In this procedure the glans and shaft of the penis never be worked on or touched. This does not result in glans sending signals to the brain to discharge.

2. Brain can't be able to send a discharge signal voluntarily as it remains confused as neither masturbation nor intercourse involving the penis is taking place as glans of the penis never be touched.

3. The discharge mechanism of the reproductive system scrotum can't voluntarily release semen as the 140-degree sitting posture holds down the reproductive system scrotum firmly not allowing it to discharge on its own. 

It can be checked out to see whether this slant posture indeed holds back reproductive system scrotum from discharging.  Just try to pee sitting on a stool in a 110-degree position to the floor. Even after one hour, it can't be possible to pee. Then try to pee in a standing position,  within one minute it happens.

4. This procedure strengthens the internal and external organs of the reproductive system including the glans (head), shaft, the base of the penis, pelvis floor muscles and involves building muscles of these organs. It strengthens and starts building the glans, shaft of the penis without requiring to touch them but by shaking through shake waves. 

5.This process of moving or shaking the hand holding penis and testes up and down direction, slowly and then quickly gives a lot of sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction without ejaculation. 

6. This procedure enables to control ejaculation mechanism by giving sexual pleasure on one hand and not allowing the brain or reproductive system scrotum to ejaculate volunteer.

7. This procedure is not tedious or tiring rather it rejuvenates the mind so that one can go about one's daily routine or one's daily regime of exercising or working out without having to rest after the procedure.

8. Mastrubation becomes a thing of the past after trying this process for the first time. Masturbation results in loss of energy due to ejaculation, but this procedure refreshes one's mind by being enjoyable as it does not require energy loss. One becomes so addicted after trying it for the first time that one can't wait to do it or experience it.

Masturbation after trying for the first time may become a kind of addiction to it. This is due to the result of reproductive organs like the testes or penis may become hyperactive. This results in the intense urge to indulge in masturbation. This abnormal sex condition may stress out one's life.

By practicing this procedure of shaking testes and penis makes this urge to come under control by exercising these organs making them stronger and builds the muscles of these organs thereby making them hold out abnormal sex conditions.

The following health problems of the reproductive and urinary system can also come under control and can be managed by practicing over a period of time.

Urinary Incontinence 


NIghtfall problem

Difficulty Urinating

Penis Enlargement

Itching in testes and penis due to diabetics.

Even though for the first time of trying this procedure it becomes apparent how effective it is in addressing all the above-listed problems of the reproductive system. 

As there are no negative effects of the procedure and rather it involves strengthening and building the muscles of the reproductive system it can be practiced after reaching adolescence and can be practiced throughout the rest of life to have a healthy sexual life.

This practice of exercising the penis and the testes, enduring them over the rest of life strengthens and builds muscles of these reproductive organs including pelvis floor muscles. This procedure helps in rebuilding and reconstructing these damaged parts of the reproductive system and addressing the issues of 

Premature Ejaculation.

Erectile Dysfunction.

Masturbation urge. 

Difficulty Urinating.

Urinary Incontinence. 


Nightfall Problem.

Penis Enlargement..

It makes sure and gives the much-needed hope that all these problems of the reproductive system are effectively managed by giving positive results from day one it is tried and returned to normal functioning.

It develops an interest for doing this exercise of shaking after trying it for the first time, weans one-off from the urge to masturbate, urge for sex, thoughts of sex, the illusion of sex by giving sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction to the mind, thereby controlling mind. The brain becomes strong in controlling thoughts of sex or illusion of sex, and urge for masturbation thereby allowing in other activities like education or job thus improving the life of a person thereby improving the quality of sex life.

It strengthens the muscles and starts building the muscles, 

Doing regularly and steadily is important rather than doing vigorously and overdoing it.

Doing it daily for 30 to 45 minutes. Divide the process into 2 to 3 times each with 20 minutes period. But make sure that this process continued forever. It can be done at any time in the day or night but early in the morning is the best period. Before getting off the bed it can be done by sitting on hips, keeping your back flat against the wall, or slightly slant position of upper part from the waist at 140 degrees. Before getting into this position takeoff your brief or underwear.

2) After the procedure is done, massaging your penis with both palms in the upward direction, especially to relax your penis. One after another palm massage for 5 to 10 minutes or if you get the feeling that you are going to ejaculate if continued.

The male reproductive system's external organs include the penis, scrotum, testes, and internal organs epididymis, vas deferens, prostate, and seminal vesicles.

The penis and the urethra are part of the urinary and reproductive systems.

The scrotum, testes, (testicles) epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, and prostate comprise the rest of the reproductive system.



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